translated from Spanish: Successful project is built for Michoacán: Torres Piña

Tarímbaro; Michoacán.- With the inauguration of the Municipal House for Transformation in Tarímbaro and the integration of several committees this day, Carlos Torres Piña, Federal Deputy, continues the work at ground level and at a firm pace, for the construction of a majority and successful project for Michoacán with the 4T, fully aligned with the Government of the Republic.
Sustained growth in preferences shows that Torres Piña has the growth to become Morena’s candidate for the gubernatura and hence build the way for 4T to reach Michoacán.
At the start of the week a group of Municipal Presidents, Trustees and Regidores, expressed their support for him in order to become Morena’s candidate for the gubernatura, although in this scenario the Michoacan legislator pointed out that the internal process must be carried out with respect, adding up and taking into account the rules that the party at the time issues.
Torres Piña as a good soldier is in the service of AMLO and 4T, he said “I am a Michoacan who loves his region and is ready to take on the tasks that the people of my state ask me with the firm purpose and goal that once and for all we will go ahead, abandon the lag and begin the transformation that puts us at the forefront of the states that set the tone in our Mexico”.
He believes that change in Michoacán should be driven by a great project and we must all work for that purpose.
In the tours of the entity has held working meetings in 70 municipalities; among them, Maravatío, Zinapécuaro, Uruapan, Tuxpan, Zitácuaro, Tuzantla, Huetamo, Sahuayo and Jiquilpan. In the last week he met with ranchers in the municipality of Apatzingán and young people in Morelia, where Social Committees for Transformation were also formed

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