translated from Spanish: After accusations of pushing teenager who fell to Mapocho Carabineros only denies that he had been taken from his feet or squirted from the cart lanzaagua

After during the afternoon incidents in Plaza Baquedano a minor fell to the Mapocho River, and during the appearance of a record showing a push during the police operation, Carabineros denied that the young man had been launched.
«What Carabineros denies and denies is that the young man has been taken from his feet or thrown into the river or thrown by a jet of the tank, colonel Rodrigo Soto of Santiago Oriente Prefecture, who added that there is a record that would prove such a claim.
«This unfortunate incident occurred in an intense context of the detention of people causing disorder and which the Prosecution Service will now have to assess with all backgrounds,» Soto added, who also said that «the carabinieri in the video is clearly identified.»
The Children’s Ombudsman’s Office, meanwhile, through his Twitter account said that «in front of records showing how Carabineros’ official throws teenager into the bed of the Mapocho River, who is admitted to a care center, tomorrow (Saturday) we will file a complaint for thwarted murder.»
The DD.HH. Institute, Sergio Micco, said that the child’s health status is stable and it was announced that the agency will officiate Carabineros to obtain more background and clarify the circumstances in which the events occurred.

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