translated from Spanish: Feed card: dates for October collection are ready

Next week begins the first stage of the recharge of the Food Card balance, below all the details to consider. Who will be the beneficiaries in October:

AUH beneficiaries with children under the age of six.
Benefits of AUH with children with disabilities, without age limit.
AUE with pregnancy of more than three months gestation.

Those who will not receive the benefit:

Retirees and Pensioners.
People whose children turned 7.
If you have two children and one of them turned 7, the amount is reduced to $4000.

When the Feed Card balance will be charged:
ANSES defined through its calendar, that those with plastic, will charge $4000 or $6000, as appropriate, next Friday, October 16. Those who do not have the card (AUH and AUE) will have access to the recharge on Thursday, October 8 on the same account that receives the benefit. To know the amount to be received, the information can be accessed by the following ways:

Through the page of the bank of which you are a customer (homebanking): Only user and key are needed.
By ATM with the AUH card or your Food Card: you enter “Query” and “Check balance”: there you will be informed what the available amount is.
By phone to 0800 from the bank or card network:

-Banco Nación 0810-666-4803-Banelco: 011-4320500.-Red Link: 0800-222-7373.-Blue Mastercard debit food card: 0800-555-0507.-Visa debit food card: 0810-666-3400.
To consult the alimentaria card pattern you can enter with the ID number at: or

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