translated from Spanish: Mañalich defended himself in Congress on constitutional indictment against him: “I recognize that we have and have made mistakes”

Former Health Minister Jaime Mañalich said during this day at the Commission meeting that discusses the constitutional indictment against him. The action brought by parliamentarians of the Broad Front, PC, PR and PPD, was answered by the former authority, who connected to space via zoom after 10:45 hours. Although its statement is not binding, Mañalich explained different points of its management during the pandemic. In this sense, he began by ensuring that at first “a great political discussion was generated, we came from all the criticism or distrust of the state of October 18, and in that context when this health discussion is presented in the networks, obviously the mood warms up. As I am direct, I regret if I helped to shake my spirits by the evidence that the tranco had to be rushed and it was so difficult to make progress that they really protected the population.” Specificly, on the numbers he pointed to the Epivigila system, stating that “the compass we use had enormous difficulties, and that compass is called the Epivigila system.” In mid-May my personal conviction is that we actually had a very serious problem making decisions through the EpiVilegia platform that we had duplicate, deceased data that was gone, et cetera,” he said. I allowed myself to speak to the comptroller and ask him to do an audit of the EpiVilega information system to be certain about what horizon we were working on,” he said. In doing so, he argued that this audit commissioned in mid-May “did not effectively reflect the problems that we suspected and that the first is that the information contained in the EpiVigla report did not contemplate all cases of covid because not all laboratory data were entered”. Finally, he said that “I recognize that we have and have made mistakes.”

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