translated from Spanish: The Red Bull Battle of the Roosters National Final arrives in Mexico

Chile and Costa Rica have already taken the first steps, now it is up to Mexico to discover their next and new champion of Red Bull Battle of the Roosters.The competitors who will be contesting the gold and the pass to the International Final will be: Skiper, Lancer Lirical, Rapder, Jack Adrenaline, Dante, Ari Carrillo, Jorge Ivan, Garza, Red One, Yoiker, Dominic, MK4, Karey Cuevas, Artil, RC and Bone.

Who will be the new champion? Watch mexico’s #RedBullBatalla Final live this Saturday.18:00
02:00 — #RedBullBatalla (@redbullbatalla)
October 1, 2020

Like the last two years, the jury corps will be made up of three people. In this case, three references and already national champions: Aczino, Jony Beltrán and Lobo Estepario.With regard to streaming, this will be the only means where you can see the competition, as it will follow all health protocols and will not enable viewers to enter. The Mexican Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos will start at 21 hours from Argentina and can be seen by clicking here.

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