translated from Spanish: William Andean isolated after one of his daughters tested positive for coronavirus

Today the audience of Informado de Todos was surprised to see the absence of the driver of the Guillermo Andino cycle. The production put Mariano Yezze on his replacement, while Andino aired on the phone to tell the situation a little bit. The driver said he learned at the last minute that one of his daughters had tested positive for covid-19. then in dialogue with Teleshow gave more details of her current situation: “My eldest daughter, she has an allergy to these seasonal changes. It happens to me too, we’re always like a little cold and we get really hit by the change in weather and what falls off the trees. In her case, yesterday she rose with her voice taken and while having tea she realized that she hardly felt her taste. So, I didn’t know if it was a cold or a symptom of COVID,” he said. In doubt they went to a clinic located in San Isidro to perform the swab to the child and the result was confirmed today’s morning, with the positive, the lime caused Andino to warn the production of America urgently and surprisingly. Now the whole family is isolated, in strict quarantine and respecting the corresponding health protocols. “Sofi is in his room, complying with mandatory isolation. He regained his taste and feels good but has to be in for 14 days. We, on the recommendation of the doctor of the channel, are going to be swasped between Monday and Tuesday because when you have some infected people infected, the virus can mutate weakly in the first few hours, and can be consolidated between 48 and 72 hours. So, in order not to have a false negative, we’re going to wait a few days until we’re swasped,” said the driver who hasn’t had any symptoms of coronavirus so far. During his dialogue with Laje on the show, Andean appreciated America’s contention and said, “You have to take care of yourself, no one is exempt. It can happen to anyone. But well, it’s a bucket of cold water.” And he assured that if the channel requests it will zoom out to participate with the program. 

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