translated from Spanish: Base Power accuses corruption in assignment of places to normalist graduates in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- Although the Ministry of the Interior requested a truce to the protest actions, the Magisterials of Base Power and normalist graduates continue their demonstrations, before the announcement that the weekend of the link to criminal proceedings to 7 normalists of the CNTE that last September 11 participated in the violent protests on the train tracks in the tenure of Tiri , municipality of Morelia, but also denounced corruption in the designation of places to graduates.
Normalist graduates announced that also as part of the day of struggle they take a takeover at the facilities of the Teacher and Teacher Career System Unit (USICAMM) in demand, they said of responses to the illegal and unilateral allocations of places for normalist graduates.
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At a press conference, the leader of Base Power, Benjamin Hernández Gutiérrez, along with normalist graduates denounced corruption by authorities of the Secretariat of Education in the State, translated into the allocation of keys for the special level, when the recruitment of the 950 graduates of generation 19 and 1,100 of the 200 , according to the processes established by the federation itself.
He therefore recommended that in the event of such unilateral assignments, those aggressed to the SNTE in Michoacán will proceed to return to the persons who join their campuses, as the right of graduates is violated.
He said that they therefore also demanded a dialogue table with the presence of federal government and state government, SEGOB, SEP, SHCP and all federal and state agencies that were necessary to solve the educational problem in the entity, in the face of half-payments and the assaults of police elements on protesters.

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