translated from Spanish: Chile prepares its duels against Uruguay and Colombia in a health bubble for coronavirus

Without making statements came Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal, who traveled together from Milan to Chile. The same thing happened with Charles Aránguiz and Eduardo Vargas. The selected arrived during this day to make themselves available to Reinaldo Rueda for the matches against Uruguay and Colombia, in the debut of the Red by the Qualifiers. The Red campus is concentrating on a hotel in the commune of Las Condes. There everyone stays in a single room. They’ll only go out for training and do it on two buses. Once the work on Juan Pinto Durán is finished, only the shirt can be changed and they will return to the hotel where they can shower. That’s the health bubble that stimulated ANFP to prevent Coronavirus infections within the computer. Jean Meneses, who is also part of the conveners for this double date stated that «returning to the team is a nice opportunity. It is something that one fights for in his club and the truth is that re-being with former teammates or players who are in Europe is very nice.» One must learn from them and be filled with the characteristics that they have to fight and never give up, it is something that I hope to take advantage of,» he added. Gabriel Arias, for his part, also appreciated the opportunity. The goal would have a responsibility to replace the injured Claudio Bravo, who could not be summoned by the Colombian DT. «It’s always nice to be here. I think it starts a new stage, so you have to come with the best vibes, try to always do the best and keep a positive message and push them all to the same side at this start of Qualifiers,» he said. On the rivals of the Red, former Union goalkeeper La Calera hopes «that we all do well and that all the new guys who are joining can adapt as quickly as is best for all. I hope we do well.» Chile planned to travel to Uruguay on Tuesday, but local health authorities did not allow it. The red will therefore embark on Wednesday at 19:00, to play with the charrúas on Thursday 19:45. They will then return and on Tuesday the 13th will be measured with Colombia at 21:30.

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