translated from Spanish: Entrepreneurs and AMLO announce investment of 297 thousand mdp to revive economy

The Mexican government and various entrepreneurs announced an investment project for nearly 300 billion pesos to revive the country’s economy following the negative impact on the country’s economy by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In total, 297,344 million pesos will be invested in 39 projects in the Communications and Transport, Energy and Water and Environment sectors.
At this Monday’s morning conference, Treasury Secretary Arturo Herrera detailed that of the 39 projects, 7 are already under implementation with an investment of 38 billion pesos.
He explained that of the 297 thousand 344 mdp, the Communications and Transport sector will have 196,231 mdp, Energy 98,960 mdp and Water and Environment 2,133 mdp.
The treasury holder noted that the goal is that by implementing the 39 projects, between 2021 and 2022, investment represents 25% of GDP.
At the moment, the projects under implementation have to do with the construction, maintenance or modernization of roads in states such as Nuevo León, Jalisco, Estado de México and Aguascalientes.
Of the remaining, 4 will begin this month, 5 between November and December, and 23 in the course of 2021.
Herrera said that in addition to what was announced they will continue to work on new projects, mainly in the energy sector.
Jorge Nuño, owner of the Treasury Investment Unit, said that this first package of projects will generate between 185 thousand and 190 thousand jobs and that investment at the moment accounts for 1% of GDP. 
Carlos Salazar Lomelín, President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) noted that in launching this investment project, Mexico gives a message from the private sector and the State will work together to move the country forward.
“In December 2019 I predicted that by 2020 we would have a magnificent economic year (…) we never imagined what was coming, we never imagined the unprecedented economic problem that would arise in protecting the health of the population,” he said. 
For his part, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked the entrepreneurs for the work of the entrepreneurs to materialize this project since the public sector could not in itself revive the economy.
The representative said that such investments coupled with the delivery of welfare supports, such as small business credits, will help the country cope with the crisis and get ahead.
According to the president, of the million jobs lost to the pandemic, in the last two months just over 200 thousand have been recovered, “and in 6 months we will have again the 20 million 500 thousand jobs that were registered before Social Security before the pandemic.”
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