translated from Spanish: Mayor of Ahome overtakes possible embezzle in Japama

Ahome.- This Monday, the mayor of Ahome Billy Chapman advanced that according to this audit more than 100 anomalies were found, of which, a value of about 60 million pesos of the Ahome Drinking Water and Sewerage Board (Japama) was triggered.» The audit he conducted is showing that the more than 100 anomalies we detected in all japama operability mechanisms could be worth more than 60 million pesos and I am only talking about one audited fiscal year.»
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The municipal official emphasized an investigation that took place within the previous paramunicipal to which Sergio Leyva headed, in which a mis management of at least 1 million pesos was detected, of which legal consequences and procedures have already been detached. He even said he could have hired a more up-and-a-category office and more knowledge; however, he said this was not the case because there was no money.» I could but I have to be realistic, of course I could have hired a more well-known firm, but my finances don’t give me for that, I had to hire the best that’s at my local hand and that it gave me enough confidence to be able to implement for the first time, a serious audit like it doesn’t have a precedent» Emphasized.

Original source in Spanish

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