translated from Spanish: They maintain in Choix preventive measures against Covid-19

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- Preventive actions against Covid-19 disease remain firm in the municipality of Choix, where the general call to the population is not to let their guard down and maintain all preventive measures to stop the progress of the disease,” said Omar Gill Santini. The municipal president of Choix needs 4 cases registered with the Ministry of Health in this municipality. However, they were aware of other cases being addressed directly in their homes, so the call to the entire population was to continue to take the recommended preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease, such as the use of water covers, constant hand washing with soap and water or using an antibacterial gel. 
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Registered we have 4 cases, but there are people who stay at home, but they are being supplied with the medicine and in this way we hope that it will succeed.”

It was also very important to keep a healthy distance when undertaking any activity. Health care
Gill Santini noted that the fight against covid is being undertaken in conjunction with the health sector and stated that all cases that have detected the disease are being addressed because the Health Center fortunately already has more medicine to deal with the disease. It stated that the main recommendation to the population was that at the time of any symptoms they would be immediately ingested to prevent the spread of the virus.
We insist that the main call is not to let your guard down because this is elementary so that the disease does not go off in this municipality.”

The flu period is coming
The municipal president of Choix considered that with the next change of season that will be presented, cases of diseases caused by the influenza virus will also begin to arise in the municipality.
We are going to get the low temperatures and with this the respiratory problems and this I also believe will cause a slight uptick in this disease,” he stressed.

Gill Santini stressed the importance of the population preparing for the next change of season, and that this will prevent disease from sooning.

Original source in Spanish

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