translated from Spanish: Today 20 years ago Chacho Alvarez resigned from the vice presidency

Today it was 20 years since Chacho Alvarez resigned from the vice presidency of the country he had assumed with Fernando de la Rúa as president. The former vice president had left office because he was driving the investigation for the alleged payment of bribes in the Senate in 2000.It was one of the most momentous public events in history and remembered for his 16-month oral and public trial for the alleged payment of bribes to national senators to pass the labor reform that de la Rúa promoted. «The position of vice president does not allow for greater disagreements on an issue as sensitive as bribery in the Senate. I do not give up the fight, I resign from the position with which I have been honored by citizenship,» Alvarez said at the time. The president at the time was accused of having given the order to pay five million pesos in coimas during a meeting in his office at casa Rosada, although he was later acquitted by justice. On September 13, 2012, De la Rúa and Alvarez met again after 12 years in the hearing room of the commodus Py subsoil, and a metre away, the former president asked the judges of the Federal Oral Court 3 for permission to personally question Alvarez. «Why did you resign?» he asked of the Rúa.–I resigned because you ratified the charges and promoted those suspected. I left my political strength paying the costs of a government that was a failure, he replied. They, who initially led an alliance that awaited much of the country, were confronted, though not only politically, but because one was the defendant at trial and another witness. However, in December 2013, the judges of the oral court Guillermo Gordo, Miguel Pons and Fernando Ramírez acquitted De la Rúa, Flamarique, santibañes, Pontaquarto himself (chief whistleblower) and Peronist senators Ricardo Branda, Augusto Alasino, Alberto Tell and Remo Constanzo.» It is true that my Government had many flaws but not in honorability. And here we wanted to tarnish the honorability of the Executive, of the Senate,» De la Rúa said after being acquitted.

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