translated from Spanish: Violent assault on a 92-year-old woman at her home: “I’m panicking”

Criminals assaulted a 92-year-old woman at her home located at 300 Berón de Astrada Street in Ramos Mejía, posing as Edenor workers. They manipulated her and took all the money she had. Elena, as she told the All News channel, was taking mates at her house when she turned around and saw a man and he warned her, “I’m a squirt, stay still.” The thieves, who passed as Edenor employees, said there was excess tension and they needed to enter the home, however Elena did not open the door for them. The next day, they came back with the same excuse. The woman peered out to the window and the thief told her that “there was a lot of excess current” and asked her to lower the thermal. “I went downstairs and the door was left open, you can see that he went up the roof and went down the stairs,” the woman expanded.” He said ‘give me all the money you’ve got,’ and I had to give it to her,” Elena said. He also claimed that he threatened her with death and warned her that he was going to lock her in the bathroom. Before, he asked for the key to the street door to open to his accomplice. The criminals took 17,000 pesos that Elena had collected earlier this month from retirement and everything she had in her wallet. “I ran out of weight, I even had 100 pesos in my purse and he took it too,” he said. At that moment, they tied her by the hands and tried to gag her, but in the woman’s plea, they decided to leave her mouth free of ties. To keep her from screaming, he threatened her: “Shut your mouth, don’t talk, because I had coronavirus and I can infect you.” The woman was silent, afraid, until she stopped hearing noises and was encouraged to leave the bathroom. Since the robbery, Elena said she was very afraid. “I’m panicking. The truth is, I can’t forget,” he admitted.

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