translated from Spanish: Bancada DC asks Piñera to remove General Rozas out of Carabineros’ command

The head and deputy head of the DC bench, Daniel Verdessi and Gabriel Silber respectively, today set up the Government to remove General Mario Rozas from the command of Carabineros “because of the serious nature of the events that the whole country has known around the teenager who was pushed into the Mapocho River”.
In this regard, Mr Verdessi explained that “as a bench we consider that General Mario Rozas’ resignation is imperative and we are demanding it clearly, otherwise it is impossible to move forward with structural reform to the institution”.
Mr Silber, meanwhile, insisted that “General Rozas must resign, it is an irresistible situation from the point of view of institutional command and also after learning about the investigation of prosecutor Chong by concealing important pieces in the investigation and a kind of corporate defense”.
“It is important that the government separates waters with Carabineros; more than ever, a new head is required to professionalize Carabineros with unrestricted attachment to HRDs. And, also, in view of the constitutional indictment against Minister Perez, many parliamentarians, as we have freedom of action, will be attentive to the Government’s decision from now on,” he added.
Ximena Rincon: “The government should ask General Rozas for a resignation”
For her part, the head of the DC senators’ bench, Ximena Rincón, noted that “the time has come for the President of the Republic to understand that the person who governs is him.”
“It is clear that the government should ask General Rozas for a resignation, they are a sum of facts that warrant it. I said it months ago when we saw the constitutional indictment against the mayor. And I made it clear and categorically that the general was responsible,” she said.
Senator DC also clarified that the general “is doing Carabineros and the country a skinny favor.”
“The time has come for the President of the Republic to understand that the person who governs is him. In the face of General Rozas’ statements that he obeyed the President of the Republic and he was in office for the President’s instruction. It’s clear that it’s up to the President to make decisions,” he said.
In addition, Ximena Rincón indicated that the institution of Carabineros is being put at risk and with it the country.

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