translated from Spanish: «Dune», «Fast and Furious 9» and the premieres that are postponed by 2021

Because of the pandemic of the outbreak of COVID-19, multiple producers and industries decided to postpone the arrival into cinema of important premieres planned for 2020.

Among them some of the first to communicate were «Black Widow» and «Eternals», the premieres Marvel Studios estimated to present on the world’s big screen this year. However, with the pandemic for the new coronavirus, multiple cinemas had to close their doors, which led commercial giants to evaluate their strategies.

Another reason that led to the postponement of these films was the commercial loss that faced the live action of «Mulán», which decided that it would premiere directly in the Disney+ streaming (which arrives in November to Latin America) but the film was highly disseminated through other platforms which resulted in the views not being accompanied by all the viewers it had. Another option that was shuffled was to make a staggered premiere in the cinemas that have already opened, as happened with «Tenet», the new Christopher Nolan («The Origin», trilogy of «Batman: The Knight of the Night»), although it did not so far raise what is necessary to cover the inverted.

That is why other films – important commercial tanks – that will also not reach cinemas this year are Denis Villeneuve’s «Dune»; «No time to die», Daniel Craig’s last as Agent James Bond; and «Fast and Furious 9.» Reprogramming for nearly a year, the adaptation of the novel of the same name for science fiction would arrive on October 1, 2021, while the adaptation of Agent 007 was postponed to April 2 and finally, the franchise starring Vin Diesel will arrive on May 28 so as not to compete in the billboard with the previous ones.

At the moment, it remains to be seen whether «Wonder Woman 1984» manages to reach theaters this year, since it is another of the great premieres signed by this particular 2020.
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