translated from Spanish: Happy Three for Mayte Sofia

A super-fun piñateada enjoyed the beautiful Mayte Sofia Cuevas Zazueta by celebrating her number three birthday with her relatives. The ones in charge of pampering her with the colorful party were her parents, Jesús Cuevas and Ciarey Zazueta, who were in charge of inviting her relatives and friends, who were pleased with delicious snacks and a dinner, which consisted of a delicious shrimp salad dish accompanied by pork beans, and for the little ones, slices of pizzas and the most desired , the treats. A beautiful unicorn-shaped piñata was what caught the eye of the cute birthday girl.  

A great afternoon he spent the honoree with his guests.

He meets her with her loved ones.

The happy little girl with her grandmothers.

Original source in Spanish

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