translated from Spanish: Johnny Herrera: “If it wasn’t for De Paul, we’d eat seven goals”

Goalkeeper Johnny Herrera, from everton’s records, went out to comment on what happened Sunday in the university classic in San Carlos de Apoquindo, on the 13th date of the National Championship, a duel that ended with a clear 3-0 Catholic University victory over the ‘U’. Asked by the opaque blue presentation, the idol of the ‘Romantic Traveler’ declared to the CDF that “I have three opinions: as a fan, as a former player of many years in the ‘U’, and another as an entrepreneurial commentator. I’ll try to make a mixture of all three. Everybody knows how I feel about that team. It was 20 years that can’t be denied and we even have a WhatsApp group where we talked as far as the ‘U’ is going to last.” It was a match similar to the one we did with Alfredo Arias last year (4-0), where we raised it in a terrible way. We gave Edson Puch space and something similar happened today. It seems to me that the match was raised with the idea that they would make us as few goals as possible,” he complemented. Finally, the winner of 13 titles with the ‘U’ noted that “if I am not mistaken, the ‘U’ has the second most expensive campus in Chilean football, and if you are not able to fight equally to the Catholic University that came with a significant wear and tear in Copa Libertadores. Even we had them by the ropes in Everton, and even more when the headlines came in in the second half.” I’m sad for everyone who’s a fan, who wants to see a ‘U’ protagonist. If it wasn’t for “Tuto” (Fernando de Paul), we ate seven goals,” he said. With the defeat in the recordillera, the squad led by Hernán Caputto was stationed in fifth place in the leaderboard with 22 units, 10 from UC, leader of the tournament.

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