translated from Spanish: Michelangelo Pichetto: «You must prevent the Conurbano from consolidating as Sinaloa

The Nation’s auditor general, Michelangelo Pichetto, spoke out publicly after several months of silence. Whoever was a candidate for vice presidency since Together for Change in the last general election criticized «pobrismo» as a political practice implemented by the Macri administration. In dialogue with Truth/Consequence (TN), the former senator of the nation left for referring to the problem of insecurity to which he analyzed from the release of prisoners by the pandemic. «You have 5, 000 dangerous prisoners, unemployed labor, do you think they’re working? They’re likely to come up with some plan, but they’re also doing what they always do,» he said. 

Referring to the concept he coined as «pobrismo,» Pichetto criticized Mauricio Macri’s social policy: «His government gave money to enemies,» he said.» Stanley’s kind gaze guaranteed clientele for enemies and adversaries,» referring to social movements, which he defined as «cries of poverty,» he said. In this line he also highlighted the social situation with poverty and unemployment coupled with conflicts with the Bonaerense Police: «It has problems occupying the territory, it is unmotivated». The former senator for Rio Negro then turned to the current administration and treatment of quarantine, which he defined as «endless»: «You have to go out and live and you have risks, but you cannot have the country closed until a vaccine appears.»
«It is necessary to prevent the Conurbano from consolidating itself as Sinaloa, where the law puts it the narco»

In another section of the interview in which he spoke of ‘structural changes’ for the country, he advocated a meeting with the President of Brazil: «You have to sit down with Bolsonaro to make a policy in Mercosur», he said and added the agreement with the European Union.Lastly, referring to immigration, the former vice-presidential candidate assured that 300,000 poor people per year enter the Conurbano: «A percentage of Paraguayan, Bolivian, Peruvian immigrants enter the Conurbano every year because there is no immigration policy to order them.» In this sense he warned of a possible ‘explosion’ in Greater Buenos Aires if he is not ‘ordered’: «It is necessary to prevent the Conurbano from consolidating itself as Sinaloa, where the law puts it the narco». 
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