translated from Spanish: Villa Gesell allowed access to non-resident owners with protocols

Gustavo Barrera, mayor of Villa Gesell, stated that they implemented special permits to allow non-resident owners to enter under strict protocols and explained that they will be able to enter for emergencies or reasons of force majeure. “People must explain the reasons on the municipality’s website and we verify that the order meets the requirements and admission is allowed for 24 hours,” explained the head of the municipality, in statements to Radio Province.In that sense, he said that 50 non-resident owners have already entered this weekend and have already retired. In addition, the mayor indicated that the municipality “works with protocols and with the authorities to try to make the most of the summer season, but tourism was not yet enabled.” You have to think about having the best possible season and preparing the city from the health, but today it’s impossible to talk about the season if the health system is collapsed,” he warned. In Villa Gesell there are “70 active cases and 180 in total since the pandemic began, but if we look at Pinamar, it has 228 active cases and 796 positive cases, that is, the situation is very different: there are cities that resolved not to have the necessary care and there was greater contagion”. On possible openings in the future, Barrera said: “We must gradually abandon the system we are having and move on to another one that allows us to have another contemplation as to how to move, but appealing to the responsibility of each citizen.” The same if we talk about season: it will be complicated if the tourist, entrepreneurs and workers do not understand how to handle themselves within the pandemic,” he concluded.

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