translated from Spanish: Vocero Bellolio and indictment against Pérez: “Don’t make us waste time again on an issue without any foundation”

This afternoon the Minister Spokesman of Government, Jaime Bellolio, questioned the presentation of the constitutional indictment against his peer of the Interior, Víctor Pérez.Bellolio stated that “I would first hope that this constitutional accusation would not be brought against the minister, it would be the ninth that would have to see the Chamber of Deputies in just two years, eight of which have been filed by the opposition. Unfortunately the opposition in how pathetic the weekend was in not agreeing on electoral issues, they have again found the same little card up their sleeve that they have pulled out every past time, to file a constitutional indictment without any legal basis and only for political reasons”In the same vein, he said that “unfortunately we see a radical opposition that drags a moderate opposition that remains silent in the face of these facts , and this is yet another sad legacy of that fragmented opposition that has nothing but to say no.” I would expect them to stop threatening, to make un baseless accusations and rather to see how we understand each other among Chileans, how we respect each other, how we ingest those violent people who do not want the Plebiscite to be made, how we completely leave out that far right to that far left who do not believe in democracy (… ) do not once again waste time on an issue without any foundation” the spokesman added. Referring to the idea of Rozas leaving his post so that the accusation against the inland portfolio manager does not succeed, Bellolio stated that “there is a kind of blackmail that is totally unacceptable (…) There is a more radical sector that silences the more moderate sector, but it is time for them to get their voice out, they have said that they will present it on Thursday, I hope they will reconsider these days and do not present it, because they have no basis or arguments to present it.” So few arguments have to say that they will not present it if the managing general of Carabineros comes out, that only confirms that there is no legal argument to present it, that only a mockle, simply a political screen, that denatures that this is a constitutional action,” he closed.

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