translated from Spanish: Xbox Series X S: Microsoft confirmed the pricing and pre-sale of its upcoming consoles

Microsoft confirmed the official price and pre-sale date of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, its next-generation consoles, in our country. Xbox Series S, the least powerful model and if disc reader, can be purchased at 65,999 pesos, while the most powerful Xbox, the Xbox Series X, will reach local stores for 99,999 pesos. 

The pre-sale will begin on Thursday 8 at 13 hours at the official distributors: Compumundo, Frávega, Garbarino, Mercado Libre and Musimundo.Both are promised for November, but the company did not confirm the official release date — consoles depart in the rest of the world on November 10.
It’s worth remembering that unlike PlayStation 5, both Xbox models offer substantial differences. The digital PlayStation 5 is exactly the same hardware as the standard model and differs only in the absence of the disc reader, but the Xbox Series S is a much lower console technically than the Xbox Series X, as well as being purely digital. Xbox Series S will be able to run all next-generation games, but you won’t be able to run them in 4K resolution. It’s a console for players with only FullHD (1080p) panels, but Microsoft hasn’t sent prototype models to the press yet so they can analyze machine performance, which not only has a lower GPU but also less RAM. Xbox Series X S will be available in the rest of the world next November 10.
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