translated from Spanish: Cafiero: “We’re not going to promote any coup d’ere”

The nation’s chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, referred on Thursday to the Argentine government’s stance on the Venezuelan crisis following the vote in favor of Michelle Bachelet’s report to the United Nations.” We are not going to promote any coup, we will not promote the defense of self-assigned governments as if it happened,” he argued, alluding to the recognition of Mauricio Macri’s previous management of Juan Guaidó.

When consulted by senators during his second management report in the upper house, Cafiero highlighted the position of defending human rights” and reaffirmed that “there is no distance or difference from what has always been done.” Referring to the issue of Venezuela, the official explained that the country is also “concerned about the situation in other countries such as Colombia and Bolivia and the African-American community of the United States.”
On the other hand, Cafiero was consulted by the ambassador to the OAS, Carlos Raimundi, who spoke about “a strong siege of interventionism” and was criticized by political opposition to Alberto Fernández’s government. We are happy with your task, you are not under any study of its operation or your position. I want to deny that,” Cafiero said.

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