translated from Spanish: Covid-19: before the investigative committee, Head of The Minsal Health Planning Division confirms the gap between internal figures and those delivered by Mañalich

The head of the Health Planning Division of the Ministry of Health (Minsal), Johanna Acevedo, has been one of the key figures to know the backroom of the management of covid-19 figures during jaime Mañalich’s period.
In her statement to the Prosecutor’s Office, the former chief of the Department of Epidemiology reported a parallel counting system mounted by the cabinet of the former Secretary of State, and yesterday Ciper revealed some of her emails alerting differences in publicly delivered figures with the numbers handled by Epidemiology.
Today, before the committee investigating the Chamber of Deputies on the government’s actions in the management of the covid-19 pandemic, the official reaffirmed her sayings.
In the face of consultations by the parliamentarians, he noted that «I want to make explicit that all cases were always reported from the department, of all people who had positive PCRs, regardless of w.a. they have been notified and independent that having been notified of their status in the system was still suspicious. That makes a difference,» reaffirming that I «consistently forwarded the complete information.»
In this regard, he stated that «as I pointed out to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, there were criteria for informing a person in the daily public report, which was that the person was indeed notified. It then changed its status from suspected reported case to confirmed case and additionally supported by the PCR.»
«When those criteria were not met for some reason, the subjects were not part of the public report and that’s what I can say about the breach,» Acevedo said.
In that context, he added that «it is common in epidemiological reports that cut-off times were modified in some epidemiological reports to issue the count of cases reported in those reports.»
Regarding the role of the Presidency advisers who would have been involved in the reports of the figures, as noted in the emails released by Ciper, the head of the Health Planning Division of the Ministry of Health (Minsal) was more short and stated that «the truth is that I do not know what her role was with regard to the preparation of some kind of public report».

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