translated from Spanish: Dollar: How much is in the different exchange rates today, October 9

The Blue dollar continues to go up for the unofficial market reaching a new record yesterday where its value is at $152 buying $158 pesos for sale. 
The blue dollar concept began to be used in Argentina from 2011, as a result of restrictions on the acquisition of foreign currency that began to be implemented by the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic under the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. 
Creating these limitations created a dollar parallel to the one called Blue, which is achieved in offline markets. 
While in the official market the dollar remains at $76.79 for purchase and $82.79 for sale. 
All other currencies are in the following values: 

The Future Dollar: $78.73
The Economy Dollar: $136
 The CCL Dollar: $153.28
The MEP Dollar: $140.94
Wholesale Dollar: $76.91 for purchase and $77.11 for sale

It should also be noted that the exchange rate trap remains in force and that, therefore, the purchase of the official dollar remains limited by the Central Bank to only $200 per month if it is made per online transaction or $100 if made by window

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