translated from Spanish: Increases food theft in Morelia: Arróniz

Morelia, Michoacán.- The secretary of the town hall of Morelia, Humberto Arróniz Reyes, reported that in recent days in the municipality there is an increase in thefts in food shops.
In a media interview, he said this fact is troubling, because it responds to the need to satisfy hunger and compensate for the lack of resources from unemployment, incentivizing for the closure and restriction of trade by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Although the city council does not yet have figures showing the proportion of the increase that has recorded the theft of food in Morelia, Arróniz Reyes previously assured this illicit was not considered in the statistical measurements, because of its low incidence, while now the recurrence of the same is already analyzed.
He added that the main modus operandi of these thefts is that people keep food under their clothes, but also looting by force and violence of small businesses and Tu Plaza shopping malls, especially in popular colonies.
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Arróniz Reyes mentioned that to avoid the social conflicts that insufficient resources in families has led to the Covid 19 pandemic is that a «healthy balance between contagion prevention measures and the resumption of economic activities» has been sought.

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