translated from Spanish: Jordi Castell launched himself against Marcelo «Chino» Ríos: «I don’t think there can be anyone so retarded»

«I don’t think there can be anyone so retarded and I don’t think there can be anyone else alone. Because since you don’t have someone next to you who says ‘erase that, that’s not done’, a mom, a woman, a daughter… Well, it’s just that the daughter doesn’t catch him either because she caught things on her super ugly phone.» Thus Jordi Castell reacted to Marcelo «Chino» Ríos’ commentary on a publication by Daniel Fuenzalida, who recounted his mother’s difficult health moment after being coronavirused. It was in a conversation with the same radio announcer, where they raised the fact, although Fuenzalida claimed not to have wanted to make «controversial». But the photographer didn’t hesitate to refer to what happened. «I don’t want to take the word dignity, because I don’t want it to get misunderstood, but I think there’s a question of respect. You two may have a very bad vibe, but he can’t take refuge in the irony of your mom at the coronavirus clinic. That’s not done,» he replied. In particular, the tennis player’s sayings came when the radio announcer asked them to pray for their mother, and the former sportsman responded with a message that many took as ironic: «Here we are all very worried about your mom we can’t even sleep on my part I wish you all the best and hopefully recover anything here I will be very aware.» As Fuenzalida later said, «I have it a little saved, I didn’t want to react or anything, because besides nothing poh, I am focused on my mom’s recovery, not on attending to these kinds of comments. So it doesn’t add up.»

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