translated from Spanish: Nadia Podoroska is winning Roland Garros, the tournament that will mark her career

Despite not being able to beat the indomitable Polish Iga Swiatek in the semi-finals, Nadia Podoroska is the winner of this Roland Garros, which will mark a break in her career. From the purely sporting level, rosarina achieved a metheoric jump in the world rankings. He reached the Paris open in 131st place and from next week will be placed in the top 50 players. Then there is a domino effect: it opens up the possibility to start frequenting the most important tournaments and face top-notch rivals. Even the higher you are, you will have the chance to be better placed in the draws and thus avoid in the first rounds the top favorites. In addition, she takes the «diploma» of having become the first player in The History of the Open Era to reach the semi-finals from the standings.

On the other hand, the Russian’s adventure in Paris will also mean a before and after in her wallet. It is that in these two weeks, the Argentine won more money than she had managed to harvest throughout her career: by reaching the semi-final, she will take a prize of 425,250 euros. What does this mean? The opportunity to pay more peacefully for the next few months of his career, something that had been making it difficult for him until not long ago. After these two dream weeks in the French capital, Podoroska will also have reason to smile when he becomes aware that he achieved an achievement that is priceless and not bought on either side: contagion. The rosarina put women’s tennis back on the palate of the whole country. And in the absence of a benchmark at the high level, your walking through parisian brick dust I can focus it as an inspiration for girls who want to venture into sport and for their own colleagues in the region, who have to fight – as Nadia fought – against the great economic, structural and competitive differences that exist with European and American players. Since the gold medal was hung at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima everything was growing for Nadia Podoroska, who made a leap in quality and made history at Roland Garros. Now, you have the key in your hands to keep opening the doors you set out in your career.
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