translated from Spanish: Pablo Ruiz after his time at the 2020 Singing «I felt uninuneted»

Pablo Ruiz, participated in the trio round of Singing 2020 with Dan Breitman and Flor Anca and sang Gloria Trevi’s super Hit «Todos me Miran». With impressive light set and a match show, they toured the entire track. However, he failed to win over the jury. The first to give his return was Nacha Guevara who never greeted the guest star, and merely said that «he didn’t like it at all, and that he found it old» what the boys presented. Karina, she said they were fine, but that they missed something and put a 7 on them, Guevara has in this round the secret vote. Then it was Mediavilla’s turn, it was more benevolent and gave them a 7 a high note for what he usually put on. And Moria who always wears against everyone else put a 9 on them. 

After spending the night, Paul conducted an interview on the cycle In Case the Flies, on Radio Diez which said: «I was hurt by the ninguneo of Nacha that neither repaired to greet me, said that he did not like it and nothing else. The Little Princess the same.» Had. «I always greeted Nacha very well. We don’t know each other much but none of that has to do what he did, I find it horrible, at least we have to say hello,» Paul said. The Little Princess didn’t even say hello to me either. And of the two of them that seemed disrespectful to me because I have a trajectory, I didn’t start five days ago,» Ruiz argued.» It catches my eye because I have no memory of having anything with them. I didn’t notice them very friendly, you can see that they don’t like the way I sing or be. But I can’t like everybody either,» he lashed out.» On the side of La Princesita it was like «you don’t exist», but on Nacha’s part it was as he didn’t like me. I don’t know if it’s because Nacha has to play the bad guy in the film but it was too bad an attitude towards everyone in general,» Paul said, who excluded the rest of the jury and the BAR from his comments.

«All the other divine, Laura (Fidalgo), Lourdes (Sánchez), (Hannibal) Pachano, Moria (Casán) and (Oscar) Mediavilla… But the only ones were the two of them that they shouldn’t like me as an artist, but I don’t know what they’ll think, they won’t know my career of thirty-something years, ten recorded records and several hits,» he insisted. In the middle I’ve been ninged with a lot, I have a lot of trajectory and a worn shoe on stage. I made a lot of careers outside, but it’s painful when the ninguneo shows up in your own country,» Paul concluded with complete reason. 

Original source in Spanish

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