translated from Spanish: The Legislature approved the construction of private buildings in Costa Salguero

The Buenos Aires Legislature today approved at first reading the project for the Government of the City to authorize the private construction of a luxury nautical neighborhood on the grounds of Costa Salguero.For the opposition, the initiative that will allow to raise there ten blocks of buildings with a maximum height of 29 meters, and that will also include a parked public space that will reach the banks of the Río de la Plata, is a «real estate negotiator» that «privatizes the river coast».
The rezoning project, which must now be approved by the Legislature at second reading before being promulgated by the Government of Buenos Aires, comprises state-owned land of 17 hectares in Costa Salguero, whose concession expires next year, and another 14 hectares of a bordering property, separated by the mouth of the Maldonado stream collector, where Punta Carrasco was located.

Article 8 of the Constitution of the City.
«The spaces that are part of the riverine contour of the City are public and freely accessible and circulated.»
The sale of Costa Salguero is UNCONSTITUTIONAL — Juan Manuel Valdés (@jmvaldesre)
October 8, 2020

The initiative was voted on in the affirmative by members of the official coalition that make up Vamos Juntos, Confianza Pública, Socialismo and UCR/Evolución, as they voted against the Front of All, the GEN, Federal Consensus, Self-Determination and Freedom and the Left Front.

The porteños and porteñas are not going to turn our backs on the river. The law that has just been voted on is discussed again in a second vote and at a public hearing. Let’s work together to achieve a project that allows us to enjoy the coast of our City-We defend the — Claudia Neira (@NeiraClaudia)
October 8, 2020

The authorization to the Port government for the sale of the two rezoned premises of Costa Salguero and Punta Carrasco, which are part of the so-called «Distrito Joven», had been approved in December last year by the Port legislature.

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