translated from Spanish: New enrollment deadline opens for transition test

Under the New Higher Education Access System, more than 262,000 young people have already enrolled to take the Transition Test 2021 (PDT). But, taking into account the complexity of this year and the applications of several young people who, for various reasons, were unable to register earlier, a special registration period will be opened on the
This last process will take place between Wednesday, October 14, at 09:00 hours, and Friday, October 16, at 9 p.m. In it, both Middle IV students and anyone who wants to apply to the 43 universities attached to the system will be able to register to take the test on January 4 and 5, 2021.
Students who are studying IV Medio in municipal schools, local education services, subsidized individuals and delegated administration will be exempt from payment, joining the more than 168 thousand young people who have already accessed the benefit.
In addition, Chilean students who were unable to register because they do not have a valid IDENTITY card, will be able to register with a valid birth certificate, issued by the Civil Registry (free of charge).
Meanwhile, those who still have average grades from previous pending years may register, accepting informed consent regarding their responsibility to resolve such a situation prior to the surrender of the test.
Those who have already signed up and require modifications, in this new period may change venues for surrender, and request the use of their social name and adjustments, in the case of persons with disabilities.
«The new Access system puts the student at their center. We know that this is a very complex year and that is why, taking into account the request of some young people who for various reasons could not register, in an exceptional effort of the DEMRE team of the University of Chile, we will open this third three-day process so that no one is left out. We call on these applicants to enroll in, a portal where they can also find all the information they need for their higher education application process,» said Undersecretary of Higher Education Juan Eduardo Vargas.
With regard to the process, it is important to remember that young people who performed the 2020 PSU and wish to use their score will be able to do so with respect to the tests given. In this way, it will be possible to use the score obtained in 2020 in the Tests of Mathematics, Language and Communication, and Sciences.
If the applicant needs a score on the History, Geography, and Social Sciences test (which was not applied), they must register to take the Elective Test of History and Social Sciences, at no cost, in In the event that any applicant wants to take all the tests again, they can register them just like any applicant, canceling the corresponding fee on the same registration portal.

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