translated from Spanish: Scorer figure of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo without penalties

Europe.- The eternal fight to know who is better whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in each of the situations within a match even outside of them has already been tested but rarely talks about how many goals they have actually scored since the 2008-2009 season that started their comparison but giving it a more interesting touch and is that all the goals achieved since the penalty point have been eliminated. The fight to be the best in the world within football continues its march, for many it is the Argentine who has managed to take Barcelona to be in the top places and that has been enough to consider him as the best, in addition to his recognitions as the Ballon d’Or that has managed to win it 6 times. For many others it is the Portuguese who takes the street because his goalscorer quota is the best of all time. So are your Golden Balls, so are some good cover letters. 
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The comparison of these two great figures began in the distant 2009-2010 season when both already with stakes in Barcelona as in Manchester United gave their great quality samples in each of their matches. But it was Cristiano Ronaldo’s pass just that 2009 season when he arrived at Real Madrid. And since then there has been no other struggle to be the best in the world than Messi vs Cristiano to date. 

In individual awards both lead the list, it is known that their teams play for them just as they have managed to be a fundamental part of the improvement of their teammates. Practically everything is handled very evenly, it has even been given the incredible news that the days between one’s birthday with each other are exactly the same as those of his first children a brand more that was used as a comparison. 

Messi and Ronaldo made time in The Spanish League Ap

But there was someone who with a lot of free time decided to make a new list to try to figure out who is the best. A Twitter account called Bayionel that tells herself as passionate about Bayern Munich and Lionel Messi revealed a statistic of both players from the 2008–2009 season to date revealing the official number of goals of both footballers without having to score criminals. An extensive 12-season analysis in which the two have dominated world football is summarized in just a list of a few lines breaking their best records against the arc. Evidently his orientation goes further for Lionel Messi for being a fan yet the numbers are concrete. Starting in 2008 when Ronaldo was still with Manchester United, there he was overtaken by Messi who was already able to score 34 goals despite being even with great figures such as Eto’o, Ronaldinho and more. 

Comparison of goals without penalties Capture 

Lionel Messi won in 10 of the 12 seasons that were analyzed leaving only 2 for the Portuguese who in 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 were his best seasons with Real Madrid where in one of them he won a Champions League. For his part Messi also achieved twice one in the first season evaluated and in 2014-2015 when facing Juventus. This makes it clear that taking away the goals from the 11 steps the Argentine is the best for having been in charge for 10 seasons than the Portuguese. This is not to say that it is a clear example to be said that Messi is the best of times but if it helps for eternal comparison. It should be clarified that this comparison has only been taken goals scored in clubs and not with their selections because there he could deliver a different number to what has been presented.

Original source in Spanish

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