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Tangancícuaro, Michoacán.- Around noon this Friday, lying in the undergrowth on the bank of the Zamora – Morelia road, was located a lifeless man, who to say of the police authorities had no trace of violence.
It was on the edge of 12:00 hours, when motorists reported to the 911 emergency number that among the grass of a property at the height of the Ranch «La Coyotera» was a person apparently lifeless.
Therefore elements of the Michoacán Police and paramedics of Municipal Civil Protection moved to that place and confirmed that the adodicho lacked vital signs, ignoring so far the identity of the denda0 as well as the likely cause of his death.
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The policemen delimited the area and staff immediately arrived from the State Attorney General’s Office, who stated that the now occiso wore a black T-shirt, as well as blue trousers and did not wear shoes.
Eventually the corpse was transferred to the local Semefo morgue for rigorous examinations and to determine the causes of death, as well as waiting for this instance to come to his deudos to identify him.

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