translated from Spanish: A village in Switzerland offers USD 70,000 to move there What are the requirements?

Albinen, in late 2017, was a small mountain town in Switzerland, but became not famous for its beautiful landscapes, but for an advertising campaign that tries to recruit new citizens to reside on site, offering up to $70,000. The city that has 200 inhabitants with the intention of the city to grow summon families for whom they would pay about 21,390 euros (about USD 25,300) per adult and 8,500 euros (about USD 10,000) per child. But what are the requirements they ask to be able to access the money and live in the place: 
Be under 45 years of age
Acquire or build a home worth above $210,000 (cannot be used for holidays only).
Foreigners must have the current Type C permit, which enables residence and work in Switzerland.

However, the conditions for opting for this repopulation plan of the city leave out the Argentines.

The Swiss type C establishment permit is an authorization that Switzerland grants to foreigners from the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) after uninterrupted five- or ten-year residence in the country.

In addition, each application for residence must be accompanied by a housing construction project that is ready for approval or a contract of sale. In the event that the property is sold or the landlord moves within ten years, the amount received as a subsidy must be refunded in full.

Many peoples in Europe struggle not to disappear. The displacement of young people to large cities left several villages desert and even, because of the lack of children, some of these populations ran out of schools. Albinen, is a small hamlet located in the Rhone Valley at 1,300 meters above sea level, there is a church surrounded by typical houses, many of them converted into summer or weekend houses. The commune is located in the Swiss canton of Valais, and has among its attractions in addition to the mountains and forests, the proximity to the thermal baths of Leukerbad.But the idea of the authorities is that those who settle in the city do not go alone on vacation. 

But the authorities are not very hopeful despite the tantalizing sum of money offered, and the media impact. They estimate that at best, five or ten families will be able to move. 

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