translated from Spanish: Gasoline price today October 10 in the states of Mexico

Mexico.- Today Saturday, October 3, 2020, thus dawned the price of Magna, Premium and Diesel gasoline that are dispatched at the various service stations of MexicoI then we disclose the national average price and some of the general prices by state of the Republic according to GasolinaMX.
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National average price:

Magna 18.64
Premium 19.08
Diesel 19.31
Mexico City (CDMX):

Magna 19.12
Premium 19.6
Diesel 19
Magna 19.17
Premium 19.61
Diesel 19.39
Magna 18.98
Premium 19.91
Diesel 19.49
Magna 17.62
Premium 18.37
Diesel 18.49
Magna 16.85
Premium 17.43
Diesel 18.71
Magna 18.09
Premium 18.76
Diesel 19.34
Magna 16.14
Premium 16.95
Diesel 19.27
Magna 18.51
Premium 18.91
Diesel 19.03
Magna 18.88
Premium 19.45
Diesel 19.37
Magna 19.01
Premium 19.36
Diesel 19.44
Magna 18.72
Premium 19.43
Diesel 19.07
State of Mexico (Edomex):

Magna 18.55
Premium 18.94
Diesel 18.71
Magna 18.13
Premium 18.45
Diesel 18.48
Magna 18.31
Premium 18.64
Diesel 18.91
Magna 18.03
Premium 18.14
Diesel 18.8
Magna 19.28
Premium 19.46
Diesel 19.9
Magna 19.29
Premium 19.41
Diesel 20
Magna 19.63
Premium 19.8
Diesel 20.35To check the prices of gasoline and diesel in your municipality, the Energy Regulatory Commission shares them by clicking HERE. Oil Quote:

Original source in Spanish

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