translated from Spanish: «I’m legitimate president of Morena,» says Porfirio Muñoz Ledo

Mexico City.- «I am the legitimate president of Morena», it was what assured several of his supporters the politician Porfirio Muñoz Ledo before. In a distance encounter, he also challenged Mario Delgado to have a debate about what is the fourth transformation. Muñoz Ledo said in a second dialogue with supporters through the National Forum of Morena Militants group this Saturday, that he is already the political leader of the party and that apart from that, it will be a legal battle.
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«I’m going to assume, as López Obrador said, I’m the legitimate president, and legally I’m going to fight,» said the former president of the Chamber of Deputies on Monday’s event at the national headquarters of Morena, on Chihuahua Street.

He called on supporters to replicate support and protest actions in entities to launch a national campaign to reject the third opinion poll to determine Morena’s presidency. During the match, Muñoz Ledo also recontized Mario Delgado for a debate to confront ideas about party leadership.
«I’m asking for a debate, I don’t accept anything if there’s no debate,» he said.

He also assured Delgado that «that boy» knew nothing more than to spend money and make her a shepherd. The legislator again noted that last month there was an excess of resources to make himself known and win the opinion polls by Mario DelgadoDuring the broadcast, supporters of Muñoz Ledo condemned their entity for being inundated with the propaganda of Mario Delgado, and that he was helped by former PAN militants who are now in Morena , it was also said that crockery was distributed on behalf of the coordinator and that there were militants who were with Bertha Luján and who switched sides overnight. To this, Muñoz Ledo considered that the party is being «buyed» to achieve leadership. He questioned what could happen with Morena in 2021 and 2024 whether from now on there are those expenses to get support for an applicant.
 «Let’s go with everything. They’re already buying it from the game with money,» he said.

Ms. Anita Sánchez endorsed the support of several lawmakers for Muñoz Ledo. The federal MP called on lawmakers who supported him to express their support in next Tuesday’s plenary session, standing, fearlessly, demanding accountability and ignoring the results of the tie in the poll to lead Morena.

Original source in Spanish

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