translated from Spanish: WhatsApp announced which phones will stop working in 2021

The most used messaging chat around the world announced that from 2021 it will stop operating with some operating systems. In their «Q&A» section, they reported that the versions that will continue to receive support starting January 1 will be: iOS 9, available since 2015, and Android 4.0.3, known as Ice Cream Sandwich and released in 2011 In this way, anyone who has on their device a version prior to 2011 will not be able to create new Whatsapp accounts or re-verify existing ones, although they will continue to work for a while longer if they are already installed.

In general, these operating systems are the least and belong to older computers that do not have the ability to incorporate the new tools they provide from the enterprise. Because as we well know, every time we update the application, Whatsapp will incorporate new tools, which this type of old systems does not support, which makes it incompatible with the service. 

How to tell if it will stop working on my phone
First you have to access the «Settings» panel.
In case it is an Android device, go to «Phone Information», while if it is an iOS (iPhone) you should go to «General/Software Update».
There you can check the version of the operating system.
If it’s iOS 9 or Android 4.0.3, starting in January you can no longer update the Whatsap version

iPhone models where it won’t work
All iPhone models using an iOS 8 or earlier operating system will run out of WhatsApp by the end of the year. 
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: They can continue to use WhatsApp as long as they upgrade to iOS 9 version.
iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c: they can continue to use WhatsApp as long as they upgrade to iOS 9 version.
iPhone4S: Only those able to upgrade to iOS 9 will still be able to use WhatsApp.
iPhone 4 and earlier models: the inability to update the operating system will leave these terminals obsolete to use WhatsApp.

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