translated from Spanish: Flights return: What requirements are needed to travel by plane

With the new stage of isolation throughout Argentina, regular, international and cabotage flights will return on Monday, but there are still justifiable reasons to travel, whether for work, medical treatments, or reunion with relatives. Tourism is not yet included. This decision was made despite resistance from some governors who did not agree to enable airports, but reached an agreement in which they gained the power to determine their own entry requirements and may even refuse to enter flights due to the sanitary situation of the territory. Only those with the current special permits may travel.

In the case of international flights, the requirements will be determined by the country of destination. To travel to Europe you need dual citizenship, residence or permits for work or stedicide. In Brazil or the United States there are no pandemic restrictions, only those that were already in force are maintained. There is still no rescheduling on airlines and few official announcements, but since Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 explained that the goal is to care for passengers minimizing the chances of contagion with their international protocols.

Measures implemented:

Reassure the social est clearance within the terminals with signage on floors, signage and seats.
Continuous disinfections of high contact points (bag carts, self-service terminals, etc.).
Training in prevention for all workers at Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, in addition to the mandatory use of hubs.
All terminals have protective acrylics in check-in areas and gates.
Gel alcohol in all dispensers placed in the hygiene terminals.

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