translated from Spanish: Controversy: Sebastian Yatrá shared photos with a monkey in his house and they smashed him

The Colombian singer rests at his Miami home with his mother and a monkey! that could be seen after a Twitter post that he was forced to delete.

As a wild animal, which must be in its natural habitat, Yatrá received repudiation from the public. On the post the musician was seen, very happy next to the monkey, in one of the photos resting on his mother’s shoulder, and then another photo of the animal sitting comfortably in a large armchair while Yatra plays guitar, apparently for him.

Bogota’s animal councillor, Andrea Padilla, sent a message to the musician about the monkey he has as his pet.
“I hope you allow that little boy to regain the freedom that no one should have taken away from him. In Miami there must be some environmental entity that receives it and rehabilitates #TuCasaNoEsSuCasa,” he said. While Bogota’s Secretary of Environment Carolina Urrutia also joined the criticism. He said that “if Sebastian were in Bogota, an operation of the Ministry of Environment would be leaving for his home to sew Kabu, binding him, recovering him and trying to get him back to freedom. Don’t be like Sebastian,” he concluded.

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