translated from Spanish: Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva show Geraldine Bazán the great love they have

One of the most controversial separations and divorces of recent years in the show in Mexico, is the one starred by actors Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán. Actress Irina Baeva has also been noted as to blame for the breakdown of this marriage; on social media she often receives heavy offenses, criticism and many call her “stealing husbands.” The love affair between the soap opera gallen and the beautiful woman of Russian origin began when he was still married to Geraldine.Previously Gabriel Soto assured that his marriage to the beautiful Geraldine Bazán, Mother of her daughters, did not end up by third parties as many claim: “when there comes a time when in a relationship there is no trust, there is no peace, there is no happiness, where after months being trying, begging, saying that please believe me, that please be by my side in a delicate situation, where you come home and all the time is to be arguing, fighting, where there is no peace or happiness.”
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Clearly, there’s going to be a divorce, a separation, that’s what happened in my case. There were no third people here, the only people involved in the divorce were Geraldine and me.

After the scandal of his alleged infidelity, Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva live their courtship in all its splendor. In their social media surveys this pair of lovebirds share and show the love they have, despite who weighs it. “Despite the distance, more in love and united than ever ❤️❤️ Irina loves you and there’s less left to be my love together,” said the soap opera gallant in one of the recent posts on his Instagram feed.” For her part Irina Baeva often proclaims her love for Gabriel Soto, with messages like this: “love is not a concept, love is actions, love in action only generates happiness”.

Gabriel Soto often removes negative comments in his posts. Photo: Instagram @gabrielsoto

The brief separation of Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva
It should be mentioned that a few weeks ago it was said that Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva had separated, however, it is not what many had thought. In an interview for the today program the actor clarified all this: “He goes to New York to study some acting, a little dancing and perfect his English which is what he wants most, then everyone has handled a lot of that ‘no, this, and the other and their relationship’, leaves a month and a half; the fact that she wants to learn new things, not stagnate, not stay here in Mexico without doing anything, but looking for opportunities, because always as a couple we have to support ourselves and she certainly has all my support to make it so.” Likewise, Geraldine Bazán’s ex-husband mentioned that he greatly admires that Irina Baeva wants to improve: “We support each other and well, finally it is something that I admire of Irina, who always wants to improve, learn new things, now she has no project here in Mexico, I start the novel and as they say, once you start a novel project you have no life, you work from sun to sun and from Monday to Saturday”.

Irina Baeva has spoken several times about the bullying she has suffered, after starting her love affair with Gabriel Soto. Photo: Instagram @irinabaeva

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva worked together for the first time in 2016 in the telenovela “Vino el amor”, later sharing the stage in the staging “Why men love goats”. The actor asked the TV producers to give his girlfriend and him a chance to star in a soap opera. “It wasn’t a starring role that we both had (the previous project), but I’d love to work with her and tell you, yes we’d turn on the screen, I think,” the actor said.

Original source in Spanish

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