translated from Spanish: Lionel Messi, protagonist of a hot ending in La Paz

Argentina broke a streak and achieved a triumph after 15 years at Hernando Siles de La Paz, a tense moment was lived on the pitch. Unscathed, Marcelo Martins approached the Argentine team to insult and reproach an alleged attitude that was not recorded and saw the yellow one. However, in the continuity of it, he is seen as a field assistant of the local ensemble approaching where Lionel Messi was and maintained a strong dialogue with the Argentine captain. After a comment, he was seen as Ocampos and the priopio Messi retrucaron and the Barcelona player pitched: “What is it, peeled?”

After the tumult and presence of almost the entire campus, although most of them were trying to finish it, it looked like Martins continued his criticism of the Argentine player and again the assistant, who was identified as Lucas Nava, Argentine, had an exchange with the “10”.

Hot finish between Argentina and Bolivia in La Paz. Photo: Reuters

About the end, Leo devoted himself to giving away hugs in the face of happiness with his peers and then greeted the referees, who saw everything that happened. While at one point it was speculated that Messi had been reprimanded, the alleged card was not finally given, which would be the first in these Playoffs.

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