translated from Spanish: Brian May confessed to his favorite Queen song, do you agree?

Guitarist Brian May revealed on a live Questions and Answers on the band’s official Youtube channel their favorite Queen song of all time.» I’m going to pick a song that not everyone knows and that’s called ‘The Miracle’ and that Freddie wrote and that I always thought has a strange and unique magic. Especially since Freddie wrote it at a time when it was very difficult for him to be optimistic and he was. It’s just very beautiful. I’ll go for that, » he said. The Miracle» was the fifth and final single from Queen’s 1989 studio album of the same name. The album was recorded when the band recovered from Brian May’s marital problems and Freddie Mercury’s AIDS diagnosis in 1987, which was only known to the band members. 

In turn May composed at the same time and dedicated to his friend «The Show Must Go On» on October 14 but 1991, 6 weeks later Freddie died, from his illness. Drummer Roger Taylor also chose his favorite Queen songs and said, «So hard. Obviously, Bohemian Rhapsody and Under Pressure come to mind. There are songs like Somebody To Love, which was a great record, but it has its own life.» While current band vocalist Adam Lambert did not play it and said, «I can’t pick a favorite. It depends on the mood, the day … » 

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