translated from Spanish: Calderón on project that denies registration to Mexico Free

Former President Felipe Calderón assured that the federal electoral court project that proposes to give the INE reason and not to register Mexico Free is unfair and cancels the rights of thousands of citizens. 
Through his Twitter account, the former representative said that the project of Judge José Luis Vargas Valdez does not value “the evidence that fully identifies the givers via card (Clip) and arbitrarily cancels assemblies that INE validated. It’s unfair.”

project of the @TEPJF_informa correctly invalidates the criterion “of 5%” invoked without reason by the @INEMexico, but still does not assess the evidence that fully identifies the givers through card (Clip) and arbitrarily cancels assemblies that @INEMexico validated. It’s unfair.
— Felipe Calderón (@FelipeCalderon) October 14, 2020

The magistrate’s draft confirms the INE’s refusal to grant registration to Mexico Libre for the following reasons: “In terms of auditing, I conclude that the requesting organization did not prove the origin of the cash contributions it received from alleged supporters. I consider that the right of association of its affiliates was affected by the systematic irregularities committed by the same organization, which were not reserated before the INE during the process of reviewing its income and egress in obtaining its registration,” the magistrate said.

For the sake of the principles of transparency and maximum publicity, and considering it a matter of general interest, on the basis of Agreement 9/2020 approved by the Higher Chamber for the publication of draft resolutions… (1/9)
— José Luis Vargas Valdez (@JL_VargasV) October 13, 2020

Felipe Calderón said the project, to be voted on on Wednesday afternoon, annuls 112 validly held assemblies without foundation, nor right of hearing, which cancels the right of thousands of citizens. 
“By unreassily and unfoundedly annulling these assemblies, the project is overreached, since the reasons it invokes were not a matter of grievance or nonconformity. He cannot resolve of his own motion to aggravate or harm the governed but must interpret in favor of his political rights,” Calderón Hinojosa said. 
For her part, Margarita Zavala asked the rest of the magistrates “to take into account the arguments of our grievances, we have reason and the right. In fairness, Free Mexico deserves registration.”

The rapporteur’s draft is published confirming the refusal. We ask the rest of the Magistrates and Magistrates to take into account the arguments of our grievances, we have reason and the right. In fairness, Free Mexico deserves registration.
— Margarita Zavala (@Mzavalagc) October 13, 2020

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