translated from Spanish: MTT initiates bonus payment for pandemic-affected carriers

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The unique benefit that seeks to go in direct help from owners and drivers of taxis, rural collectives, urban groups, executive taxis, tourism, urban and rural buses and minibuses, as well as school transport vehicles.

During this day, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) initiated the payment of the single bonus of $350,000 for taxi carriers, rural buses, urban buses, executive taxis, tourism, urban and rural buses and minibuses, and school transport vehicles. In total, 37,166 people are receiving the benefit on Wednesday, while another 6,716 applicants are expected to be able to collect the bonus tomorrow.» The paid passenger transport sector has been heavily affected in its income by the Covid-19 pandemic. That is why as a Government we work together with the representatives of the carriers’ guilds to access direct state aid, considering that their income is not sufficiently documented, which has made it difficult for them to access the various aid programs,» explained Transport and Telecommunications Minister Gloria Hutt.On September 15, nominations for a one-time support bonus of $350,000 began , which can be accessed by owners and drivers of vehicles in the field. According to data from the National Register of Passenger Transport Services, National Register of Paid Transportation Services of Schoolchildren and National Register of Motor Vehicles of the Civil Registration and Identification Service, it is estimated that 107,146 owners and 74,159 non-owners will be able to apply for the benefit. To date, 106,425 people have applied for the support voucher, of which 75,352 own and 31,073 are drivers. Those who have not applied for this benefit have until November 3 to do so on the page.

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