translated from Spanish: The Currency lamented that Amnesty’s report on the social outburst «makes statements about events that need to be updated»

This day the Ministry of Justice referred to Amnesty International’s report which argues that there were human rights violations during sunday’s social outburst on Sunday, and asked the prosecutor’s office to investigate Carabineros’ managing general, Mario Rozas.By public statement, the Ministry of Justice states that «in relation to some content included in the AI report , the Government regrets that the Government makes statements on facts and information that need to be updated and are currently being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and at the judicial office.» Moreover, the Government strongly reiterates that there has been no practice or policy on the part of Carabineros that premeditated or widespread policy of the use of force for the purpose or intention of punishing protesters, as the Report assumes on the basis of a background of limited scope,» adds the letter. In the same line, the minister in charge of the portfolio, Hernán Larraín, said that the government «makes it clear that the AI report does not refer in depth to the more than 2,800 serious events that occurred in the country and more than five thousand law and security officials who were injured during the protests, as was endorsed by the other reports of national and international human rights agencies.» In addition, it does not include the work already done by the Government for the implementation of the recommendations of national and international bodies, nor the work done by the Coordinating Commission of the Criminal Justice System, nor of the Public Criminal Ombudsman to strengthen the safeguarding of human rights,» he said.

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