translated from Spanish: CNDH points to Navy for extrajudicial execution of 4 people in 2019

The National Commission on Human Rights issued a recommendation to the Ministry of the Navy for alleged responsibility for its elements in arbitrary detention, ill-treatment, excessive use of force and extrajudicial execution of four people in Tlahuapan, Puebla, in 2019, already with the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
«According to the mother of one of the victims, on February 28, 2019, her son packed zacate in the company of three people, on a site located in Guadalupito las Dalias, Tlahuapan, Puebla, when elements of SEMAR aboard three vans stopped them arguing that they worked on a site located next to the PEMEX pipelines,» the CNDH said. 
«People in the area observed that at the site of the events were elements of SEMAR, who undressed and punched on the face the four victims, who were ordered to lie with their faces on the floor and then hit them in various parts of the body with a shovel that was in that place,» he added.
Realizing the presence of the inhabitants, the Commission referred according to the account of the mother of one of the victims, the elements of SEMAR took the four people.
Their relatives came to look for them from different agencies of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR), without obtaining information on their whereabouts.
In the end, on March 1, 2019, the lifeless bodies of the four victims were located on the hill «El Aguila», located on the boundaries of Santa Cruz Moxolahuac, Tlahuapan, Puebla and San Felipe Hidalgo, Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala.
«From the analysis and assessment of the evidence in file CNDH/2/2019/1708/VG, this National Commission established that naval agents arrested the four persons arbitrarily and illegally, failed to draw up the corresponding information part for the detention of them, who were transferred to a forested place on the edge of Tlahuapan, Puebla and Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala, without providing information on their whereabouts. They also inflicted ill-treatment on three of the aggrieved during their detention and excessive use of force in the grievance of another victim, and then deprived them of their lives,» the Commission concluded.
Faced with these facts, the human rights agency «recommended that the Secretary of the Navy (José Rafael Ojeda) register the victims in the National Register of Victims, fully repair the harm to their families, who must access the Comprehensive Aid and Assistance and Repair Fund, and be provided with psychological and, where appropriate, tanatological care.»
Also «collaborate in the submission and follow-up of the complaint and complaint to the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic and the Internal Control Body of SEMAR, respectively, against the responsible personnel».
Animal Politics asked the Navy about the current state of the proceedings against its elements involved in the case, and in what situation these remained within the institution, without receiving an answer until the close of the edition.
This is not the first recommendation issued this year by the CNDH against the Semar for serious violations of human rights. It is precisely on 21 October that three months of recommendation 36VG/2020 will be fulfilled in which the human rights institution points to the Navy as responsible for the forced disappearance of 27 people in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, of which 12 subsequently appeared dead. The current one, however, is a case that occurred during the current six-year period, with López Obrador already at the head of the federal government.

We direct the Re/37VG/2020 to José Rafael Ojeda, Secretary of the @SEMAR_mx, for serious violations of the #DDHH, in the grievance of 4 people arbitrarily detained in Puebla, subjected to ill-treatment, excessive use of force and executed, attributable to SEMAR officials.
— CNDH in Mexico (@CNDH) October 15, 2020

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Original source in Spanish

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