translated from Spanish: Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of violating the anti-covid protocol in Italy

The news of Cristiano Ronaldo did not jeopardize the duel between Portugal and Sweden at all, which ended with a comfortable victory of the Portuguese team, but was no stranger to the controversy with the decision of the Juventus crack to return to Italy, knowing that he presented a positive result of Covid-19.On his arrival, the one who went out to the crossroads was the Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora, who spoke on Radio One and his sayings were replicated by Tuttosport. «Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of violating the anti-covid protocol in Italy,» the representative said.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Italy without permission from the state. Photo: Instagram @cristiano

«He shouldn’t have returned to Italy,» he added, detailing that former Manchester United and Real Madrid did not have explicit approval to do so, even though he used a private plane and did not use a traditional airline. At the moment, there were no steps to be taken by the Italian Ministry of Sport or Health on this site and at the moment it is only known that Cristiano Ronaldo will be outside some matches with Juventus as a precaution and waiting to test negative for his next checks. In this way, Portuguese crack will not be available when the «Vecchia Signora» faces Crotone, this Saturday for Serie A, and Dinamo Kiev of Ukraine for the first date of the Champions League, on Tuesday 20 October.

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