translated from Spanish: Cupertino Andaur, sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of minor Victor Zamorano Jones in 1992, is found lifeless

The rape and murder of the under-nine, Victor Zamorano Jones, shocked the entire country in 1992. The culprit, Cupertino Andaur was one of the last sentenced to death row, but President Eduardo Frei granted him a pardon by switching his sentence to life imprisonment. This morning, Andaur was found dead in his cell on Hill I.
«This Thursday, October 15, at 8:35 a.m., the inmate of the Hill 1 Prison Compliance Center, Cupertino Andaur, 70, who was sentenced to perpetual inmate, was found lifeless in his bedroom for the murder of the boy Victor Zamorano Jones,» they reported from Gendarmerie through a statement.
They added that «in this regard, it is reported that the inmate was found lifeless at the time of the lockdown, in Tower 1, cell 26 of the penalty. In the first instance, his death was diagnosed by the criminal unit’s health team, who found that he was still and with no vital signs. The causes of his death so far are undetermined and are being investigated.»
Following the event , «the warden of the criminal, Colonel Rubén Pérez Riquelme, edested the site of the event and informed the institutional headquarters and the Public Prosecutor’s Office about the decess of Cupertino Andaur. At the same time, the on-call prosecutor sent the case’s background to the Investigation Police, in order to determine the causes of the death,» they pointed out from Gendarmerie.

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