translated from Spanish: In the spotlight, ‘annexes’ operation in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- For the appearance of new annexes in less than three years, the city council of Morelia will make a review of the way in which these spaces operate for the rehabilitation and prevention of addictions, reported the secretary of the city of Morelia, Humberto Arróniz Reyes.
In interview, the official assured that the number of rehabilitation centres until recently was 36, but in carrying out inspection actions they have discovered about 70, many of whom work on irregularity and precarious situations.
It stated that some of these establishments are run by civil associations, but others are in the hands of individuals, doctors or psychologists who on their own initiative decide to open a rehabilitation center, without ensuring that they are eligible to provide proper care to patients.
In these places, the secretary of the City Council explained, similar conditions have been found «to those of a prison», in addition to that on some occasions they have functioned as a refuge for criminals, as observed after the arrest of a person claimed by multihomycide, interned in a center for the treatment of addictions that was reviewed.
He said it would be in approximately two weeks when the review operation of addiction treatment centers in Morelia will be completed, with the participation of federal, state and municipal authorities.

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