translated from Spanish: Maipú, Renca San Joaquín, Lo Espejo and San Bernardo among the communes of RM that advanced to Phase 3 of the deconfination

Undersecretary of Crime Prevention Katherine Martorell announced changes to the Step-by-Step plan for gradual deconfination. In the Metropolitan region, it was reported that from Monday 19 to 05 hours, the communes of Renca, Paine, Melipilla, Maipú, San Joaquín, Lo Espejo, Monte and San Bernardo will move from transition to preparation. In regions, the communes of Molina and Longaví (Maule) will advance to transition, as will Santa Cruz (O’Higgins) and Panguipulli (Los Ríos) move on to the preparation phase. In the Biobío, meanwhile, the communes of Hualpén, Talcahuano, Concepción and Penco will advance to transition, while in Valparaiso, San Antonio advanced to prepare. The setbacks, meanwhile, occur from 05 hours on October 17, back to quarantine in the communes of Chonchi and Purranque (Los Lagos), Galvarino and Renaico (La Araucanía), Cañete (Biobío). In Los Ríos, meanwhile, Mariquina, Los Lagos and La Unión went back to transition, as well as measured for San Rosendo, Cabrero, Laja and Yumbel (Biobío) and Perquenco, Freire and Vilcún (La Araucanía).

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