translated from Spanish: What was Paul McCartney’s condition to appear in The Simpsons

A day like today, October 15 but 1995, former beatle Paul McCartney and Linda, his wife, appeared in an episode of the animated series «The Simpsons». At that time the musician had no problem being caricatured, but in return he asked for a condition that he watches very closely to this day, if 25 years later. The McCartneys appeared in a 1995 episode titled «Lisa the Vegetarian,» in which the girl promised to stop eating meat after meeting the couple. In March 2020, David Mirkin, one of the show’s consultants and in turn a vegetarian, said the McCartneys wanted Lisa to continue avoiding meat «in perpetuity» after that episode. «He always checks to keep it that way,» Mirkin said in an interview with Radio Times. «And he’s someone who’s always surrounded by nine or ten lawyers, which is pretty scary.»

The McCartneys said at the time, «We were a little worried that Lisa might be a vegetarian for a week, and that homer would then persuade her to eat a hot dog,» she added. «The show’s producers assured us that she would remain so, and have kept her promise.»

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